Saturday, June 26, 2010

Internship Blog for Week Five

Today I received the papers to confirm the appointment on Thursday for DHS Access Control Office photo ID. Mr. Liming told me that I have to attend a security briefing on Wednesday from 9am to 11am and after that, report to 3rd floor for the photo ID appointment on Thursday at 9am. He told me that make sure I am all set up and get ready to work together with the team; I am looking forward to this. He gave me my assignments and explain to me what I’m suppose to do with it. I have to make sure to check the paper (name or id number) that they match to other papers with the same unique number in binder and write the name down on papers. When I get a computer then he will give me a project relative to my major. I feel like today was an easy day for me. Mr. Liming told me that he will have a busy day today. There was a meeting and I would like to join with him for the meeting but again, no interpreter. He told me he requested the interpreter next week Tuesday for sure. I said “thank you” and I returned to my office to finish up my paperwork assignment. When I finished the paperwork, I went over and gave to him and he wants me to check again sure if everything is same, matching. If nothing missing then make highlight it. I return to my office again and I look again and again make sure I don’t have anything missing; everything was fine then I made the highlights, after about 2 hours. It was another easy day. I went to security briefing about access to the building and security system. They explain how to protect my photo id and how to secure the computer. When leaving from office or lunch time, always lock the computer. The person told us that we can’t use social networking, such as “Facebook” or “MySpace” because of DHS policy the briefing was almost two hours and then I received the form for photo id. I didn’t need go to my office because my POC told me just go to security briefing and get form for photo id then that was it. I went to DHS to get my new photo id; now I have a badge with me and I don’t need to contact my POC to meet me each morning. My POC told me that I will start new project next week Monday for sure because I got computer today so that means we can communicate thru email. I am so happy; I got almost everything I need and I am excited to start. I had no project today because of the AAPD board meeting at 1pm. I sat in my office today getting familiar with the computer, internet and email formats. One person came to my office and created a new id for me with “WinMagic”. WinMagic” is more secure for disk encryption before entering the welcome page for Windows XP. After lunch, I return to my office then went to AAPD board meeting at Verizon. They discussed celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ADA. Of course, I will be attending to ADA Events on July 20; I think it will be an absolutely awesome event.

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