Friday, June 18, 2010

Week Three - The Third Adventure

Life with a disability comes in many forms, my deafness is a gift and a curse. Being deaf allows me to be better listener. Allows me to have more patience with problem solving skills. I can do anything except hear but I still would love to hear. Instead of viewing deafness as chains that pulls me down, I use these chains as ropes to climb towards triumph. This interview with Sarah today had me take a good look at what I think about my disability. It's still good to remember how my disability makes me a much smarter person.

Let's talk about my job, it's exciting like golfing so I hope it doesn't bore you. I was working on .NET programming to enhance a web application for webmasters. A webpage that allows users to manipulate transferring images to the server. It's like a web image uploader with more advanced features. I am glad that there's enough work on the plate. My job now seems to be all about Web Development at the moment.

Another adventurous week, I have attended to the "Google Speed Lead Event." There were discussions from successful people with disabilities. As interns we can learn from their experience to create a positive outlook for our futures. I learned that they set the boundaries to become examples of good leaders. Their helpful advice encourages me that I should take advantage in helping the AAPD to create more employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Other than discussions, I am informed on why it's important to choose the right career path. It just hit me again because I always continue to dream big. Am I actually choosing the right career path? Before my career even started, I wanted to be a captain, a director, a billionaire, a agent, a architect, a superhero, or a monk. My career path is fine, I do not hate it. Regardless what my career path is, the first thing I must do is live life to the fullest.

If I was a billionaire, I would give all of my money to the charities and become a billionaire again just to prove myself that being disabled means nothing.

One more quote for one more adventure.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.” - Hellen Keller

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