Friday, June 4, 2010

Internship Blog for Week Two

This week I had some unexpected free time. I did meet some of the people from DHS and I received a short tour of the office and was introduced to some of the other employees there. Wendell Bonvillian from DHS Information System Security Manager, introduced himself to me and explained to me about security clearance. They were very friendly to me and I was glad to meet them. Inside, the DHS building is very nice and has beautiful offices. I didn’t start work on internship major because of a delay with my security clearance so I did take advantage of the free time and went touring the city with my friend Angela. She is currently a student at Gallaudet University, and she took almost everywhere in DC. Next, I went to the Smithsonian Institute for an event and I thought it was pretty cool. I learned about Microsoft Surface on screen it showed many different kind of software such as “culture fire“, and something that look like a microscope, where you can do a “hi-def zoom” and look at the earth and then moved the lens to see different parts; it was totally awesome! Next was showing the old fashion way to make a light with crank and handle from old time; it was fascinating! I like the “culture fire” which means that you just only use your hand (s) and touch on the screen and bring some wood put it together and then pick the small stick and touch on the screen and make motion like a circle for a few seconds and it makes fire and with sound. It’s amazing! It is called, “Microsoft Surface table technology” and it is really cool. The Smithsonian Institution’s Accessibility Program invited individuals with disabilities to participate in a hands-on demonstration of an interactive computer for the Smithsonian Institution museums and to provide them with our feedback. Abbi, one of the visitors to the demonstration, suggested the need to put a description how to do it because without the description it just shows images and is unclear. I suggested that sounds with closed captioning would be a good idea so the deaf people know that it already has sounds. I am very glad I went there today; it was very interesting and I learned a lot.

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