Friday, June 25, 2010

DC Heat Wave

I think it is safe to say that this week was the hottest week of summer.

Waking up every morning under the heat and commuting on the metro with no air conditioning, sometimes discouraged me to put on the long sleeve shirt, tie and suite jacket. But I was determined to get free pizza!

On Thursday, all the interns and AAPD staff members gathered at the South Hall residence halls and enjoyed the summer's first pizza party. We shared our experiences at our respective internships and discussed interesting stories that helped everyone see how each of us are contributing to the disability movement. Although this is my first time working with the disability community, I have learned so much in the short amount of time that I have spent here in AAPD.

I have started to notice many accessible entrances, ramps and seats in places I have always been, but never noticed that they were there or knew why they were there. Just the other day, I was on a website that I visit nearly everyday and finally noticed that it was not accessible. Slowly but surely I am starting to realize how much of an influence the disability community can have on the society, not just for people with disabilities but also to those without disabilities.

I recently had a conversation with Helena Berger, who explained to me that she too was new to the disability community when she began her career, and she emphasized that the disability movement needs both disabled and non disabled to help further the mission, and I am truely grateful that AAPD has given me the oppertunity this summer to be part of that mission.

I can see that the sun has no intention in giving us a break, so I am going wrap up and get ready for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend everyone and the worldcups!!

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