Monday, June 21, 2010

Second Post

This was a very interesting week for me. First off, I got to go to an interesting panel discussion on philanthropy in the private sector through my internship program, The Washington Center. It was not the most applicable topic for unpaid interns, but it is still something that I did not know about before that I do now. I also got to attend a Google event with AAPD interns which was my first time meeting many of them. I really enjoyed the panel’s discussion as it was very relevant to what an intern would want to know, and I can thank Robin for choosing such appropriate questions to ask. The last event I went to this week was a USAID visit, in which we heard a short lecture by a senior executive who runs the Middle East division of the agency. I was amazed at the amount of accomplishments this man had achieved internationally, and it really gave you an insider’s perspective of what the US’s goals are in that area of the world.

My big task this week was to construct the ADA Anniversary Events web page. I had been compiling a list of all the events I had found or had been given to us, and simply transferred them to the new web page. With some minor formatting, hyperlinks, and copy/pasting the page was coming along great. Then I was asked to put all the events into a Google map to make it more accessible, and then find a way to put it on the web page. In the process of inserting this beautiful Google Map I had created on the web page, I haphazardly inserted its code and ruined the entire page. I spent the next day correcting my error, and was able to fix the problem with no more major slip ups. All’s well that ends well I guess.

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  1. Glad you put that list of ADA events together, Ross. Is there a URL for it?


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