Sunday, June 20, 2010

Internship Blog for Week Four

I had my first day of working at my internship finally, after three weeks! There were two interpreters with me all day and I was so glad for that! I met Mr. Liming (he is my superior) and he said “welcome to DHS”. He said, “You can come to work anytime and that fits your schedule. That means he gives to me a flexible schedule but I’d rather be there at 8:45am to 3:30 or 4pm. I went to three meetings that day and observe some very busy people who were calling on the phone to discuss if they agree or disagree, related to the computer server, etc.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get computer account yet because of more deep security checks, and I have to sign the form about Rules of Behavior. I asked, “When I can get the computer?” He said, “Next week Wednesday (June 23, 2010) because I attended the scheduled security training this week then will be able to attend on June 23, 2010 for the computer training. Mr. Liming told me that I have to read the DHS policy requirements. I was enjoying keeping busy and it was very interesting to read and learn about DHS.

The next day, there was no interpreter but I could speak to Mr. Liming and we seemed to understand each other and then I went to my office and read the DHS policy book. Mr. Liming came to my office and let me know that pizza arrived. I then went to the conference room and enjoyed some pizza and pop. The team wanted everyone to introduce ourselves to each other. Mr. Liming introduced me and I met some new people and I really liked it because they are all so friendly. After the lunch, he gives me assignment to make the punch holes in the papers and connect to big binder. It took about 30 minutes.

Sarah Peterson then came to my office in which a private one-on-one conversation happened for site visits. Sarah and I were talking about feedback AAPD for next year. She asked me, “Will you recommend to your friends?” I said “sure” because AAPD helps students with disabilities find great jobs in the future. We were talking like 45 minutes. I went for a tour with Mr. Liming; we went to downtown to different buildings for USB Flash Drives. We went to different buildings like three times; the outside of buildings are beautiful and weather there was good.

I enjoyed chatting with him and to getting to know each other as well. Next week, for sure I will get a project to really keep me busy; I am looking forward to it. I feel this is going to be an awesome experience for me and I can’t wait to continue and get “hands on” next week and do some real working!

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