Friday, June 4, 2010


By: Gabriela McCall Delgado

This week was one of downtime. I just relaxed and tried to explore Washington a bit. A few days I slept until noon. Continuing on last week’s food theme, I ate at a really good Chinese place, and it is around in the neighborhood. The sesame chicken was really fresh and their sauce was perfect, not too thick and the fried rice left me wanting more. Washington, DC really has a wealth of riches in the food department, much more diverse than what I am used to on campus. But this is not a food column, so I will leave my culinary views with that.

So everyone is probably wondering what about the museums, the parks, the monuments, who goes to Washington, D.C. and sleeps late and hangs out in a dorm or around the surrounding campus community? Well, I will say I have seen most of the monuments and museums before and I am still learning getting around the city by foot and subway, although I will be visiting some of them soon.

I bet everyone is wondering did she do anything related to the internship or professional? Absolutely, I have AAPD weekly reports to fill out. I can’t write that I watched lots of great movies on the form. I learned the metro route. I tried taking the route at different hours, it is definitely more fun to take the metro at a non-rush hour time. You can actually get a seat. I walked Union Station and Capitol Hill. Not everything on my list got done. I was hoping to find opportunities to network and use those AAPD business cards, but that didn’t happen this week.

The highlight of my week was reconnecting with my mentor, Stacy Cervenka. We had lunch, and she was nice enough to pay for it. She gave me lots of great advice, the do’s and the don’ts sort of stuff that I had never thought of. I appreciate her taking time from her busy schedule to see me. That was my second Washington Week. I am looking forward to starting my internship on Monday.

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