Friday, June 25, 2010

Week Four - The Fourth Adventure

Good Adventures America, I had a pleasant weekend at the Newseum, a museum about news/journalism. Even if I am not a big fan of museums, there's always plenty of places that interest me. If I do not want to see the horrors of war, I could go downstairs to read a small section about the history of comics in newspapers. The top level of the Newseum had a nice view of the cityscape, I could see the road to the U.S House of Representative. Another part of the museum had stories about journalists risking their lives to publish their news. It can be dangerous but this is what I call adventure.

After the Newseum, we had dinner with Cheryl and Jim. I admire them, they are good examples of leaders who fight for disability rights. I must do good for the rest of the world by helping the disability community. Knowing that we made a difference gives us a good feeling.

About every other day at the USDA, I continue to show my willingness to begin new projects to my employers and coworkers. It is an opportunity for me to improve my skills and experience. I am aware that it is not wise to tackle too many assignments at once. I just want to make the best experience possible from my internship.

Did I tell you that my adventure begins with a fancy brick wall which I have tried to soar high above awarded me a golden scar. My manuscript has scores of golden scars but never did I earn a silver scar. Nothing big it's just a small ticklish scratch. But what if it has happened to you, would it be any different?

Yes, it might be different for them, I am completely aware that society has difficulty finding their positive emotions, happiness. I encountered people who would depart with a grumpy face whenever I express my greetings or gratitude. Communities with no sense of happiness can view joyful people as crazy or insane.

Regardless if we have seen the horrors of the world, happiness still comes from ourselves. It is an ability that one can achieve, it does not have to be pure.

Think big, live large, smile and be happy because I have two lovely quotes to ease your adventures.

"A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships." - Helen Keller

“Disability is not a brave struggle or ‘courage in the face of adversity.’ Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.” -Neil Marcus (Performance Artist)

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