Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 5

This has to be one the hottest weeks in Washington since I’ve been here, and oddly enough I feel right at home with the weather. In Georgia the temperature is usually around 99 degree’s Fahrenheit if not hotter so I have some experience dealing with kind of weather. The trick is to drink as much fluid and find as much shade as possible while walking.
Work has been great, I started to set up some new desktops we received in the office with all the software that the IT architectural employees in the office will need to complete there complex projects, it has been kind of exciting to get to work with architectural software applications and to get a first hand look at what they use to do there projects. I’m getting hands on work experience with the software so I will be able to list the fact that I can trouble shoot some of the problems they may encounter, using the is newest version of the software on the market. I translated 5 pages of text from English to Spanish for the US Access Board. It feels so empowering, that I will be responsible for tons of people reading the pages that I translated into Spanish, and even though they don’t know I am the translator it is still cool. I met Congressmen Sensenbrenner last weekend and had dinner with him and his lovely wife and Congresswomen Cheryl Sensenbrenner. They were great hosts; they paid for us to go to the Newsuem; and they paid for dinner as well. They are very both very responsible for the implementation of the ADA bill and, congressmen Sensenbrenner helped make the amendments to the ADA bill in 2001.

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