Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning Lots

June 16, 2010
I felt tired by meeting so many new people. Takes some time to process but sometimes don’t have that going from one thing (work) to the next (event). I was blessed though by those who were good listeners as I tried to be too. Someone else got lost Coming to the Google event, and went in the opposite Art Deco building. (they probably got that a lot because they instantly knew what I was talking about) And then Leaving I got so caught up in talking that I didn’t watch where I was going and forgot where the Metro was and Yair and others pointed me in the right direction. He told me about some neat things like the Replicator? Printer that can print a 3-D model of itself. I hope to follow up and learn more from him as a resource. I am reminded of what I did in work this week. I am still getting trained so I didn’t get to do hands-on, but I did learn a lot by following the lead tech around. He had been bugging me nicely to come over to the Help Desk, so I followed through. First someone’s hard drive wasn’t working so we went back and forth between her computer and setting up a session to ‘drop’ the image onto her computer from the network. He also tried a new toy to see if he could recover her data from her hard drive but it didn’t work so he had to give her a new hard drive too. We heard rumors of ice cream and turned out we only had to go downstairs and it was given out for our work on the laptop rollout. I had mint with extra whip cream, which I would eat solo if I could. Then I went back up for more shadowing. After lunch I saw a variety of users with different gadgets. Someone had lost part of a laser pointer, and that caused some frustration but the techs moved on with work. People came directly to the help desk like one woman who thought her printer was there, which isn’t surprising since they all have long numbers and hers was 71 and ours was 17 something. The tech walked with her and showed her where it was, and also she needed it changed back to the default. We got back and someone else came in wanting to scan a paper, and though the tech said he didn’t do it for people, he sat down and did it explaining as he went. The guy helped was happy because he wanted to save the page for his records because it was a case that went well. I think there was a lot going on so it could have been overwhelming but it was interesting to learn. I hope that I can explain so other people will get a feeling for what I’m doing. And I will try next time to include the boring parts, but this week wasn’t really. Ask me if you see me and I will try to be honest. Oh and also about the plotter printer, cuz that was cool.

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