Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week two: Welcome to the USDA

Week Two
One of my biggest fears before landing in the DC area was will I be able to make friends. I wasn’t sure who my roommates would be, or where would they be from. And will anyone be from a small town like me. My answers were soon answered. Yes, I would be able to make friends, and the first three would be William, Matt and Ron. Surprisingly enough not all my roommates were from the city either. William an amazingly honest but kind hearted individual was born and raised south of Atlanta Georgia. He grew up in a small town like myself, and shared very many of the same morals and interests as myself. Matt was from the big city of Chicago, the windy city, but we were both from the Midwest and soon began doing are normal pass times, late night walks learning our surroundings. Ron was from the BIG city of New York, and was very funny and entertaining. We hit it off like peas and carrots. Everyone was SO nice, accommodating, and generous. After just knowing Will a few days he took me to what would be the most amazing get together at Sandra and Larkin’s (from US Access Board) and they took me in like family, planning social events and networking dates for the next few weeks to come. William was like my big little brother because all though he was younger by a few years, growing up down south had matured him well past his age and was constantly helping me with my difficulties and short comings growing up in Wisconsin can cause one, like shyness.
My first day at work was overwhelming, I really wasn’t comfortable navigating the subway, and for some reason there was a little difficulty getting into the USDA building. Meeting my Supervisor put my heart to ease; she was so welcoming and assistive in my office networking. Sarah scheduled me a photo shoot and press coverage with the Secretary of agriculture, and is even allowing two of my friends, William and Anwar, to come and get their pictures taken as well. Life has never been so exciting and I owe this opportunity to AAPD!
Justin Patterson

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