Friday, June 25, 2010

And so work begins

I finally started work this week, and I'm so glad not to be sitting at home. My week started with two days of orientation where I learned the basics of USCIS operations. It is pretty great to see an organization actually has some sense of computer security, and I even learned a couple things about maintaining secure networks. I have always loved learning about securing networks and software. I often enjoy reading about how people penetrate systems and software, and use that knowledge to secure my own operations.
Later in the week I actually started working. My work is focused on data migration and website development. I got into it pretty quickly and was able to come up with ideas to streamline migration. I am pretty satisfied with my work considering I wrote some code in a language I never used before. It was pretty fun to challenge myself to code without looking up language syntax.
I have (of course) been biking to work every day. And while I endup sweaty and get to change my shirt, it saves me lots of time and money. I can do the two mile ride in about 10 minutes, and that’s only because of the annoying lights.
Welcome to the work force.

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