Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 2: No Limits, No Boundaries; I see increase, all around me

Congress is in recess until Tuesday, so I've been told that the first week will be slower than most. Nevertheless, it allowed me the great opportunity to meet the other interns in the office, as well as the staffers. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to be around. The Legislative Director also told me I would have the opportunity to work with her on some finance-related research, which will be a great learning experience. Also, not to my surprise at all, there have been great opportunities outside of the office as well. On my commute into work, I met the Deputy Chair of Coalitions for the Republican National Convention, Manuel Rosales. He shared with me his contact information, so I plan on following up with him regarding opportunities at the RNC and his experience in the financial services sector. I am also having dinner with my mentor on Tuesday to discuss some other possible opportunities, and to share my experience I have had thus far in my first week. I cannot say enough about how helpful he has been. In my spare time, I have started a log of deal activity in the Wall Street Journal to keep up with financial news, and to learn more about investment banking. I also made a visit to Smithsonian Museum of American History. It seems that this summer will present many opportunities, and I am more than ready to seize them all.
Jimmy Curran

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  1. Hey Jimmy,

    Great idea on creating the blog! You continue to inspire me with your positive outlook on life and the way you manage to achieve what many may consider the impossible.

    -Doug D


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