Thursday, June 24, 2010

Simple Gifts

My Dad called me too late. He called me at midnight last night, so I didn't sleep very well.then I stayed awake thinking, probably something really important though don't recall it now. I woke up reluctantly, but found a seat on metro and napped until shot out into the sunshine of New York Avenue which always wakes me up. I went into work not sure what to expect. My desk is kind of out in the middle of the aisle and it was hemmed in on back and side with big boxes of monitors for the new laptops. I went wandering in search of something else to do.

I said Hi to a couple people, including peeking in at the Help Desk where I worked yesterday. I went over to the desk, which is surprisingly close, of the woman who emailed me yesterday about reviewing some online help database articles that she wrote. She and I talked some first about how cameras work because her new desktop's image was stretched. We fixed that. Then she pointed out the training manuals that they were in two different places on the website, confusing. Then before we got to the documents I could revise and write, she showed me around the shared drives and how to color code my email so that I could stay organized.

I worked some and then ate a quick lunch, because I wanted to go to the Wednesday Yoga class. Sun salutations are basic, but I don't know or flex enough to do all of them. We did six sets. I took a child's pose break. The teacher let me do some deep breathing instead of "shining skull breath" where you sort of hyperventilate. I did some deep breathing right after I got home, and it made me slow down. Also right when I got off at Foggy Bottom, I didn't need to go shopping because it was the Farmer's market. I learned how to cook collards from a southern farmer: instead of bacon you can cook them with olive oil and garlic, with fried tomatoes and cornbread on the side. But I ended up buying leeks. Going back to cook dinner they smelled like they were already cooked, onionly wafting out of the bag. So it was a busy but also simple day.

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