Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work and World Cup Soccer

The office has been pretty quite so far this week but it is only Wednesday. There have been some minor hiccups the voice mail system of the entire office is messed up. The time stamp on the voice mail system is off by six hours so I may get a voice mail at 8:30 am but the voice mail says the message was left at 2:30 am. This can pose a big problem as far as figuring out what time they called. The other problem I ran into was the email server messed up and would not allow people to send out emails because it said that all the email accounts had no more storage space on the server which was not true there was only one email account that was taking up a large majority of the space all I had to was get him to clean out some of his old emails so it was a quick and easy fix. This past weekend watched the world cup at the apartment and had Robert Schlaeger, Jimmy Curran, Anwar Alumeyri. The teams I am pulling for are Spain, Brazil, and USA if any of those 3 make to the finals and win I’ll be a happy camper. Spain plays Wednesday at 10 am I can’t wait see how they do because this is their first match and this game will set the tempo for all the other games they will play. The USA plays Friday at 10 am that is another game I want to see because they did exceptionally well against England so it should be a good game they are playing Slovenia. Brazil plays the Ivory Coast on Sunday at 2:30 pm I think this will be a good game because Ivory Coast put up a good fight against Portugal yesterday so they should give Brazil a run for their money but I predict Brazil will win.

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