Friday, June 5, 2009

A Week at AAPD HQ

It has been a busy week at AAPD headquarters. There have been meetings, people visiting and a lot of data crunching. It is rare that there is nothing to do here.

This week, I had the ability to shadow the lead IT consultant for AAPD, Matt Eshleman, Director of Professional Network Services for Community IT Innovators here in Washington, DC.

We worked on a few projects this week including transitioning all the computers from one server domain to another. This is far more complicated than setting up a home network and it offered me insight into understanding more complex IT issues and this is just the first week! But that is not all -

I also participated in a series of meetings that took place at HQ this week. The first was a staff meeting involving all present employees. This meeting allowed staff to interact in a roundtable discussion of weekly scheduling, upcoming events, projects and technical activities.

The next meeting that I participated in was for the Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition or IDAC. IDAC is an organization operated by Ginny Thornburgh, AAPD’s Director of Interfaith Initiative within AAPD. Its expressed purpose is to gain support from religious institutions and religiously affiliated organizations in campaigning for disability rights.

Another one of my duties is to manage the national Justice for All or JFA newsletter mailing list. Justice for All (JFA) is a free service of AAPD that shares disability news (legislation and policy, popular culture, etc.) and issues calls to action to advocates across the country in the form of an email newsletter that typically comes out twice weekly.

Another database system I am working on, and my largest task, is developing the AAPD database. I have been charged with inputting data for the new database comprised of thousands of AAPD members and supporters. Thus far I have processed nearly 600 contacts!

Unlike most of the interns I carpool in with by dad from Manassas, VA. Hey all you interns rooming at GW! You are truly lucky that you do not have to endure the commute that my father, myself, and so many others must endure just to get home. :) But overall it was a great week!

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