Saturday, June 27, 2009

1 Illegal Download = 3⅓ Dead Relatives by Adam Dovens

This is wrong!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I have been having a lot of my friends from out of town come and visit. People are amazed on how close we are all the action in DC. I like this campus, its relatively safe and close to all the fun. The security measures were actually accidentally tested the other night. It turns out these dorms are not really made for cooking because anytime we try to cook something, the whole apartment smokes up and the fire alarms goes off. There would be no harm in this except for the fact that the fire alarms are actually directly connected to the police department. 2 armed police officers showed up to are apartment 5 minutes later. To them this was a routine procedure, but that is some grade A security in my mind. Not only that, but on a Sunday they sent out a repair man to look at our fire alarm for use (15 minutes after the alarm went off). Next time they are designing a dorm where they have a kitchen they should call me the civil engineer first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now tonight should also be really cool, I am going out to a salsa club. They are giving FREE lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don’t know what to expect, good dancer or just beginners. Either way its ballroom!!!!!!!!!!! I have not danced ballroom since Fall of 2008, so I am really excited to go.

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  1. Dude I sure hope she downloaded some useful things... I'm sorry but 80,000 dollars for that one episode of family Guy or that one Little Bowow song just doesn't sewem very fare.. .It's like me getting 20 years and 500 dollar fine for stealing an apple... the fruit, not the computer.

    Also... there were times that I've bought (or tried to buy ) the legal version and it TOTALLY FAILED (hello ProTooles) and so I had to find other means... and YES I DID buy the software before I "found other means" it's just that it STOPPED WORKING... I bought a video game and the game ended up breaking... so I hd to go DL it off the Internet to continue playing it.

    A good example of this is is my DRM windows media player issue.

    SURE I can go find a DRM (Digital Media Rights something whatever that lets you play the file AFTER you buy it offline) but I can't buy it because it won't connect to the network (DRM server) at GW and they said it's my computer... of course. So I COULD hack the file but I WANT to support the company because I really appreciate what they are doing... So now I have TONS of cool videos on my hard drive I can't watch because I can't connect to the server... Thank you internet connection...


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