Friday, June 19, 2009

James Dietz presents: his first work week

This week has been busier than most. For one thing, I started work. On Monday I was given the news that I had finally been granted temporary clearance and could head to work the next day. Aside from the standard first-couple-day introductions and account-creation/computer-acquisition processes (some of which are still in process), I've been re-acquainting myself both to waking up at a fixed time every day and working in a professional environment. Yesterday I started bouncing around a new ticket management system my office will use to replace their old Access-based one to give them the lowdown on it's problems with the JAWS screen reader. Basically... Quality Assessment work. A small thing for sure, but it was very pleasant to hear a coworker's agreement with some of my suggestions. Y'see, us interns fulfill an important function: we do the work no one else has time for. The new database system can be fixed to be more accessible without another member of the team (whose plate has a lot more on it than mine) spending his or her time putting its developers in the know.. Climbing the ladder to success, this has been James Dietz with another weekly news-nugget.

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  1. --David McKee--

    Wow sounds fun and useful.

    Yeah making sure things are accessible is very important indeed.


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