Friday, June 12, 2009

Times Get Harder

Hello Everyone,

We've made it past week two. This has been a challenging week for me. I have dealt with many changes in my own health and disability which has caused much hardache with my work as an Intern.

I was just thinking I was starting to get into the groove of things at the Coast Guard and was really starting to be relied on for things. Isn't that always when it happens...My symptoms or rather tics started getting really bad and they just have been increasing this last week. Most of it is due to the climate change. The humidity has really increased my tics. This has been a great problem as of late. All in all I had to miss a day and I had to go home early another day.

My supervisors seem to really be willing to help though. They are going to let me work from home two or three days a week so I can try to have my body recoup. Then the other days I should be feeling up to going into the office. They are getting me software that I can use on my personal laptop so I can accomplish the work tasks at home. I thought this to be very cool.

Needless to say my works compassion and desire to help me has been a great blessing. Though they are not the only ones who have really helped me out this week. A few fellow interns have taken time from there own busy schedules to go shopping for me or do other errands that have truly touched my heart. Seeming that I can't go outside for very long or I risk the chance of a massive cardiac I have been extremely grateful to them. Thanks again you guys for stepping up and helping us all to succeed.

Truly, our needs and challenges are different and range as the colors of the rainbow but there is a common thread that unites us all. That is of love, kindness, and understanding. All of us when we leave this time hopefully will take with us a better appreciation of these qualities. It seems as for some they already have. To each of us let's continue to press forward and even though challenges exist we can overcome them together.

Take care for now my friends,

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