Thursday, June 4, 2009

An experience that is truly unforgettable

By Mitch Paschen

Outside of the window of the airplane as we approached Reagan Airport, I spotted the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, Gravelly Point, and other DC landmarks I was dying to visit. I could barely contain myself as I waited patiently for my luggage at the baggage claim. I had decided against taking the Metro to GW because I had three suitcases to roll. Instead, I opted for a taxi. I’m glad I did. The taxi driver and I had a wonderful conversation about the various places to visit in DC and about the very humid summer. I had been waiting since February when I had first heard that I was accepted into this internship program to get out here, and I had finally made it.
Over the next few days, I slowly got acclimated to campus. The Watergate, being only two blocks away, proved all too irresistible. This is how the post office and the Safeway grocery store were discovered.
I really enjoyed meeting all the interns on the first day. It was great to find out where everyone was from. Although I am the only intern from Wisconsin, I still share a bond with a few other interns. I, being Jewish, did not expect two other interns to also be Jewish. We hope to attend a Friday night service soon.
Today, June 4, was my first day of work. After navigating a few shuttles and obtaining ID badges, I was ready to start. First and foremost, I was introduced to a former AAPD intern who works for CBP now. Next, the staff took me and the other intern I am working with to lunch at a delicious Chinese Restaurant. Finally, I started on my first project which included checking computers for a certain piece of software. I imagine more is to come!

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