Monday, June 15, 2009

The Rapid Speed of Week 2

I do not like when it rains. Life is so much harder when it rains. Managing an umbrella while using a wheelchair and carrying crutches is extremely difficult. However, a very nice staff member in the office got me stretch cords so the crutch carrying is non-existent…I just strap them to the back of my chair. There is a downside though; now, whenever there is an elevator outage (which happens at least 2-3 times a week at the most inconvenient times), I no longer need to ask help from anyone. That seems good but actually it is a downside because I always asked the most beautiful looking girl to help me.
The days here seem to fly by. I have extensive goals for the summer but don’t seem to find time to work towards accomplishing any of them! I was at the White House on Thursday but didn’t get to meet with Obama (yet), lol. In all honesty, I feel like the last three weeks have slipped by me and that disappoints me. I have greatly enjoyed the time though. I am learning more and more about myself and how I relate and come across to others. I am also learning how to deal with using a wheelchair amidst the rude, ignorant people who don’t get out of the way and the polite but annoying people who try to help you with everything as though you are helpless.
All in all, I see the potential for a fantastic summer. I have new business cards and look for opportunities to pass them around. I have met some fantastic people and I am improving on the follow steps needed to build the relationship. I am very excited about the summer and the personal and professional growth that will surely happen. Though I am sure everyone knows this advice, but I will write it anyway. There are three tips I will share each week that is advice I picked up throughout the week. For this week, Slaymaker’s Sayings:
1. Be curious and always look for an opportunity to ask questions and LEARN something. Read the newspaper and develop talking points on a wide variety of issues.
2. Don’t make enemies i.e. burn bridges. Always be courteous to everyone you encounter and look for opportunities to meet those who you think you will connect with.
3. Cultivate mentors in every capacity: peers, office staff, and the highest official you come in contact with. Make sure you are thankful for this opportunity and wake up everyday and make a mental note of the blessings that you have.

That is all for now. Signing off…

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