Friday, June 19, 2009

Juggling tennis balls and the occasional chainsaw

I won't be discussing the details of my work for my internship, as I'm not sure what is and is not available for public consumption. At the same time, one thing that continues to astound me is the variability of what I do. My activities range from the mundate, normal intern-related tasks to things that are interesting, intellectually stimulating and actually enjoyable. One of the unique attributes of being in a committee office, or so I'm told, is that I report to several different supervisors and have to seek out my own work from the poilcy advisers and Legislative Assistants in the office. This is very much the case.

As a result of that, I am constantly in the process of handling multiple projects at once over a long period of time. A research project here, a one pager to construct there - tempered by the occasional foray into filing and so on and such forth. Every so often, however, we get something truly interesting, that needs to be completed on a tight time frame. Working in a committee office as an intern is like juggling multiple long term projects, but every so often a chainsaw gets thrown in. Nonetheless, I enjoy this work and have found it very educational and rewarding.


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  1. --David McKee--

    Wow sounds exciting and kind of hectic.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it.


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