Friday, June 19, 2009

Social Networking and the World

On Tuesday of this week I attended the first of three brown bag lunch seminars about social networking websites. The ones that we talked about were Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is the fastest growing of these social networking sites. It allows you share information specifically with whomever you choose to be a friend with or you may share information to the public. It can also used to form groups to share information. LinkedIn is build more for professionals to share information. It can be useful for creating new connections between organizations and finding employment opportunities.

Social networking as a whole can be used to inform people about relevant issues. It can even be used to mobilize people to action. This was demonstrated in Iran this week in response to their supposedly rigged election. Twitter among other social networking services were used to spread information about where rallies and protests were held. These sites have been pivotal in organizing this movement in a county that government has been trying to suppress information regarding it.

I also attended the AAPD Board Meeting. It was very informative and I realized that AAPD is more then just the people in the office. It is a collaboration between people in different places and organizations that make AAPD and the things it does possible. It is truly a team effort.

The coming week has two brown bag lunches. The one on Tuesday is a seminar on how to use Twitter. The other on Thursday is the Careers in IT lunch. Also the Intern Pizza Party is on Friday. I look foreword to seeing all of you there.

Chad Carson

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