Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweet Home Away From Home

So this past Father's Day weekend my roommate's family invited me over to their house in Maryland, not too far off from DC. Naturally, I accepted; they've always been good to me since the day I arrived helping me purchase much-needed items such as bedding and even treating me out to dinner! Her family resembles mine in so many ways. She's the oldest like me with two younger brothers. Her youngest is an artist just like mine.

Even her dad looks like mine with his dark complexion and hair and his face framed with glasses. He's quick to smile always cracking jokes, again much like mine. Her mom seems to be more of the serious one of the two parents and always concerned with housekeeping items, much again like mine. They both have ailments that keep them from standing a lot.

So I feel like they are my "bonus" family, or family away from home. They are very generous and warm to me opening their household and family circle to squeeze me in at the dinner table. They show concern and care when listening and speaking to me. And for that, I feel much at home with them. They are supportive of Leah's (my roommate!) and my individual internships, and her mom especially has encouraged me to seek a federal job following the conclusion of my internship at DOT this summer.

I guess since my family is so scattered within the US and I hardly see them, I find comfort in submerging myself in other people's family. Their warmth and love make it hard to repel them; I always find myself attracted to their sincerity and ingenuity. But I didnt forget about my own Pops. I sent him a card (which I never do!), and it made it to him by Saturday and he was pleased. My moms has been grateful to know that there's still a few good people left in this world when she heard how helpful Leah's family has been to me. They obviously didnt have to do what they did for me.

I hope I can return the love my bonus family has shown me. Maybe they will come visit me in Southern California one day and I can extend the same generosity and courtesy they've done for me. They've been encouraging me to stay in DC for at least a year... never in my wildest dreams would I have even thought or considered that before. But my job, co-workers, and the people have me re-considering...

I'm not so sure my family back home in LA will be too fond of that idea though.


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