Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My First Week

Well this pretty much sums up my first week here in the District of Columbia. I'm supposed to be working this week but I couldn't because I am still waiting on my security clearance for the Department of Homeland Security. So while I'm waiting for the clearance, I took advantage of the time to walk around and explore DC. I got the opportunity to explore many museums that the District has to offer. I think I pretty much visited all of the museums here, that's how much free time I had on my hands! I also took some time to visit some friends of mine from college who lives in Fairfax, Virginia and Greenbelt, Maryland.

I'll explain my experience at the museums. First I went to the Museum of American History, it was very interesting after I got to see many artifacts that are so old! For example, I got to see the hat that Lincoln was wearing when he got shot. I also got to see the clothes that he wears back then. I think that was the most interesting thing in that museum. Then I went to the Museum of Natural History, there were so many animals in that museum! It actually teaches the people who visit about the evolution stages and how animals have evolved up to now. They have so many movies explaining the different aspects of evolution and I was very surprised that all of them were closed captioned. All of the museums that I went to are very accessible, but there were some that weren't accessible as the others.

I went to the Museum of Space and Aviation, that museum was amazing! I never realized how many planes they have in one building! What really shocked me was that how they have so many planes hanging from the ceiling looking like they're toy planes. It makes me wonder don't they ever fall off the ceiling? I mean, they're not toy planes at all! I went to the National Archives where the Deceleration of Independence, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights can be seen. The last time I went to the National Archives was when I was in middle school! That time when I was younger, I didn't really care about what was going on in that museum and I didn't have a full understanding of the documents I was looking at. But this time when I went, I have full understanding of how important these documents are to the United States history.

Later, I went to Ford's Theatre where Lincoln got shot and got to see the balcony where he was shot. After Ford's Theatre, I went across the street to the house where Lincoln died. I got to see the bed and the room where Lincoln spent his last minutes of life. I thought it was pretty creepy because in that room, everything was left where it was since the day he died. The chairs that are right next to the bed have never been moved since Lincoln died. After visiting those sites, I decided to check out the Spy Museum which is not far from Ford's Theatre. I thought that museum was pretty cool how they show you some of the devices that spies uses. At first after watching so many movies about spies and stuff like those James Bond movies, I thought those cool gadgets were completely fake but I'm surprised to find out that I'm mistaken. There ARE gadgets that is somewhat similar to what you see in Bond movies. I was just amazed on how there are actually spies out there among us and we will never know. I suggest you to go check out that museum! This is one of the museums that's not very accessible to deaf folks.

There's SO MANY museums that I've gone to but I'm sure you would be tired of reading this by now, but if you're interested in knowing more about museums, just come and find me and ask! 

So far, I'm enjoying my time here in DC but DO NOT enjoy the weather here! I do not enjoy the humidity and annoying bugs that DC has. I live in Colorado and there is no such thing as humidity and annoying bugs in Colorado due to the altitude.


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