Monday, June 22, 2009

Slaymaker's Weekly Posting

Wow, the days just seem to pass by so quickly!  I have been given a tremendous amount of opportunity this summer, as we all have.  My short time in the office has produced many great experiences for me.  My work is mostly entry-level work, but I have worked very hard to learn it inside and out and believe I have performed well.   Moreover, I have gotten some great assignments that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I have learned that sometimes substantive work only comes when you are proactive about obtaining it.  My goals are slowly continuing to develop and progress.  And my level of activism is rising.  As previous posts have stated, this summer is the first I have used a wheelchair for an extended amount of time.  Because of that, I have developed a greater understanding and empathy for those who use wheelchairs full time.  My understanding is breeding activism.  Too many times, I have to use the escalators in the metro because the elevator is out (legitimately at least 1-2 times a week).  Too many times, do I feel discriminated against (when people think I can’t do something for myself).  Never before have I had this desire to see things change.  I have always been able to do everything everyone else can, with my disability not affecting me.  But being in a wheelchair changes that significantly.  And I think the understanding I am getting is a beneficial thing. I wish more people could come to this understanding.

p.s. I have decided Slaymaker’s Sayings will occur every other post.  So stay tuned for next week 

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