Saturday, June 27, 2009

Training Week by Bob

Wow another week has passed by...

My job with the Homeland Security is going pretty well. Still taking lots of training. Thursday and Friday were both training days when I had to go to a training facility in Virginia. That training that I attended to is about software and web testing. The training trains you to understand the standards that are required for software used by the government. The law -- Section 508 -- requires all government agencies to use software that is accessible to everyone. This means that I get to test new softwares that come in and get to say if that software passes or fail.

The second part of training is web standards. The Section 508 law also requires that any web site posted by the government must be accessible to anyone. Which means I will have to check web pages developed by many different government agencies and make sure it complies with Section 508? Some examples are can't have colors that has no meaning. For a sighted person they can tell the difference by color coding when a color blind person can't tell the difference so they're required to write a text or some sort to describe the difference to a color blind person. There are many many more requirements but I don't need to go into detail because I don't want to make you all fall asleep while reading this. :)

But other than that, my summer in Washington DC is going pretty well. I work during the weekdays then go hang out with my college friends over the weekends. I hear they're having this bbq thing going on this weekend at the national mall so I might go check that out :)


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  1. AW COOKIES! I totally forgot about the BBQ thing.

    Oh well they'll have something on the 4th.. .SOMEONE has to have something.


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