Friday, June 19, 2009

David M's recap from last week

Ok since I basically wrote this week's blog yesterday, I'm going to go ahead and write the blog for the week before... and the wonderful news about this one is that it has pictures... YAY!!!... Ok so myabe that was a bit TOO happy but whatever.

So here it is.

Interns Episode (insert number here): Who took our cart. (Name inspired by Mitch)

So basically when we got to work last Monday, they had gotten all these computers (152 to be exact.) and they needed unpacking and some needed to be hooked up... So us being the intern newbs that we are, it doesn't take a brilliant mind to figure out who ended up unpacking them.

... No, it wasn't Peter Griffin...
No, it wasn't Mr. T.
... Yes, that's correct! It was that guy in the mask from all the Burger King comercials... right.

Whn they led us into this little cubicle with a door, there were about 50 or so computers in boxes on shelves. It took us most of the day to get them done. Sometimes we had a bit of help, but we FINALLY got them done... wow what hard work that was.

The next day we started setting some of them up. That wasn't so hard because we had a lot more help. However, the main idea here is that we finally finished.
So then we were directed to the 5th floor where we were happily greeted by thejolly fellows in image 1.

After about two days or so we finally finished ALL the boxes!

However, we weren't always working on those; We also were able to get intouch with our innerselves with a communitive arts and crafts hour seen in image 2.

But as I said, we finished and the anticipation could be cut with a... a... very sharp cutting type thing. The FINAL BOX can be seen in image 3.

Well that's about all that happened last week in a nutshell.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that all the computers came with monitors...

[image description]

Image 1 shows rows and rows of boxes stacked up very neatly at a very daunting camera angle.

Image 2 shows the wonderful artwork of Mitch and I on the whitebored in the cubicle where the first set of computers were.

Image 3 shows a lone box, sitting on the floor, waiting to be sliced open and promptly disemboweled..

BONUS IMAGE WOOT! The epic line up of all the computers unboxed makes for a really cool space station look... Ok so it's really just one long row of computers without their boxes. Don't you just LOVE Dell machines?

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