Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Less Exicted Weekk --Daman

This week was slow because my supervisor was on vacation. She left me with a bunch of PDF projects, but my computer was having issues, therefore I spent over a day troubleshooting until I finally was able to get my PDF conversion tools to work. My week started out a little rough, the Foggy Bottom Metro elevator was out on Monday morning, so I traveled about 10 blocks to another station to get to work. Going up the elevator from the subway, one of the Metro staff accidently lost control of his mop, which hit me in the head. I finally made it to work and I took my accounting final exam and then ran off to two meetings at the AAPD Office. On Tuesday, I went and found the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Island because it was a beautiful day and not to hot or humid. My only complaint is that the main area in the center of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial is inaccessible. Last night, I am had dinner with Ollie Cantos who works at the US Department of Justice. We met while I was on the Youth Advisory Committee of the National Council on Disability. Today, I am attending the AAPD Board of Directors meeting, which should be an amazing networking opportunity.

--Daman Wandke

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  1. Aw, sorry to hear about the slight stroke of unfortunate luck.

    Yeah I know how the computre issues are. I did something on my computer at work and things kinda got jumbled around.

    Tell me how the meeting went. I was unable to go because I just got my computer this week and watned to get started.

    And yes, PDF conversion is kind of irritating. I know how you feel there.


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