Monday, June 29, 2009

ALRIGHT what a crazy... um... thing.

--David McKee--

So I'm aware that I didn't do my blog post Saturday... Sorry about this.I keep getting the email and password mixed up, but after some hunting I was able to find it barried in my email.

So lately I've been working on a website within SharePoint that will be hosted on the Intrenet.

It's basically a special events site that shows all the FUN events that will happen or has already happened.

FUN=something NOT involving paper work, desk chairs, or a lengthy spreadsheet.

Well this is truly a learning experience because I've had to learn SharePoint Designer, CSS code (Cascading Style Sheets) and some other things. The site is turning out pretty good.I ended up changing a bunch of the interface.

When I'm not working on the site, I'm toying around with things like Silverlight development, (Microsoft's version of FLASH) graphics programs such as Paint.NET and Microsoft Expressions (Microsoft's version of photoshop which by the way doesn't seem to have very many options).

Well I think that's about it.

If I remember correctly, I promised a post on virtual worlds or something. I withheld that post because it had a video that was not captioned. I found subtitling software but my computer REFUSES to install it so I may just go ahead and post it and describe what the video is talking about myself... Thank you computer for totally failing... AGAIN.

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