Monday, June 29, 2009

Slaymaker's Saying 2

Another week, another great opportunity to learn and have fun. My week consisted of great things (it didn’t rain! And no elevators were out!!...though if they did, it would be okay…I have the escalators mastered). At work, I do the tasks that have to be done for the office to function…also known as grunt work, which has to do with phones or mail…answering phones, passing out the newspapers, opening the mail, sorting and delivering the mail, sealing the mail, and even consistently writing some of the letters to be mailed. In between these tasks, I try to find opportunities to get my hands on work that challenges my mind and strengthens my intellect. Sometimes this comes through researching for a response letter, but it happens many times when attending briefings and hearings. I always try to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about legislation or hear from someone serving in the government.

Can I confirmation Safeway is the best place to shop for groceries (well, besides Cosco prolly). If you shop the ad sales and use a Safeway card, you can’t beat the prices. Though, I do have to give a shout out to Trader Joes pasta deals and their specials.

And now time for Slaymaker’s Sayings….where I pass on tips I have come to find beneficial this summer:
1. Be purposeful. Strategize what receptions you want to attend and hearings, briefings etc. Talk to your supervisor in plenty of time and make sure to coordinate with the LA so you can write a memo that is beneficial to someone besides yourself! (For those IT interns, see if you can come to the hill to experience a hearing related to your agency…maybe try to meet your Congressional liaison and coordinate with them).
2. Don’t be afraid to take time to yourself throughout the day. Research shows that if you take 5 minutes to do something that you enjoy doing, you will be more productive getting back to the tasks you have to do for work. So, take a walk, get on facebook, step out and make a phone call!
3. Explore and get lost…you are in a city of history! Many times I walk home and reflect on my day…and you never know what might happen. For instance, you could see a presidential motorcade! I did.
**Shout out to Peter….nice meeting you man. Take care.
Until next time…

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