Friday, June 26, 2009

For Peter

As many of you already know, Peter Jensen, my fellow intern, roommate, and workmate at the Coast Guard, has left AAPD due to health reasons.

I’m not really sure how I should feel about this other than my current sentiments of surprise. Peter was probably the last intern I would have expected to leave the program. He was extremely mature and maintained exceptional living habits. His side of our room was always cleaner than mine, and he always kept our kitchen well stocked and tidy. Peter was even more impressive at work, where his drawing and technical skills were put to use during the construction of the 5th floor renovation. He was constantly measuring and re-measuring the dimensions of each room to make sure that his blueprints were perfect. Peter was so helpful in fact that within the first three weeks of the internship our supervisor encouraged him to apply for a full-time job at the CIA.

But unfortunately, the circumstances that forced his departure did not stem from a lack of aptitude or character, but rather the arbitrary weather conditions of Washington, which intensified his tics. I normally would be reluctant to discuss this level of personal information in a public blog, but seeing as how Peter already disclosed details about his disability in previous posts, I feel I cannot cause any new damage by sharing it again.

Jackson Lane

Peter, if you are reading this, it was great being your roommate for the few weeks you were here. We really enjoyed the tacos you cooked, and I think I speak for James and Rohmteen when I say that your suitemates are sorry to see you go.

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