Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Weekend and a Week Not Forgotten, by Mitch Paschen

The picture this week is of my family eating out on Saturday night with Adam Dovens at Buca Di Beppo‎ on Connecticut Ave. Clockwise from bottom left: my dad Mark, my brother Adam, me, my brother Joel, Adam Dovens, and my mom, Judy.

Last weekend, my family came to visit. It was only their second time to DC within the last few years, and I decided to show them a good time. I was able to get off of work last Thursday to pick up my family at the airport. From there, we rode the Metro to their hotel near DuPont Circle. After a quick lunch at Fuddruckers, we took the Metro to L’Enfant Plaza to go to the Air and Space Museum and look around for awhile. We were going to go to Arlington Cemetery, but the temperature was in the 90s, a little too hot for us Wisconsinites. We later ate dinner in Georgetown with a few friends from back home who also happened to be visiting DC.

The next day, I went to work while my family went to Arlington Cemetery. After I got home, we went to dinner downtown and walked down by the White House. My brother Adam, my dad, and I proceeded to then walk down to the Washington Monument while my other brother Joel and my mom went back to the hotel. We then walked over to the Lincoln Memorial which is a very beautiful place at night. Since it was about 10:30pm by then, I had to rush back to my room and write my blog (last week’s post) before the deadline.

On Saturday, we started out by going on a Capitol tour that our very kind senator, Russ Feingold, had booked for us. During our tour, our tour guide asked me to help out with explaining certain features of the rotunda and participate in a demonstration that mimics the whispering dish effect. Our tour guide also spoke 59 (yes, 59) different languages. After the tour, we walked over to the Library of Congress, ate lunch at Union Station, and went to the zoo. After the zoo, we had dinner with Adam Dovens, at Buca Di Beppo. It was quite a weekend.

On Tuesday at work, I volunteered to stay late and help out in the server room. We needed to replace a few batteries in a universal power supply and reconfigure the server racks to make them look neater. This involved removing internal power strips and replacing them with power strips along the side of the racks, thus freeing up room inside the rack itself. We started at 5pm and ended at 9:30. Not only was this a great learning experience, but it also was a great way to earn hours for school credit. I was at work for 12.5 hours that day.

Another week has come and gone as the summer starts to wind down. I will very much miss DC.

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