Friday, July 3, 2009

HTML, JavaScript, XML, Oh my!... Oh yeah and XAML too of course.

Let's see if you can guess who's writing this...

So many languages or parts of languages anyway. I don't know how a person keeps up with all of it. The event website I believed I mentioned before that I'm making is going pretty good but now I want to put a slide show of pictures and maybe a video there and it's not going so good. It turns out I had to use some JavaScript so I had to do a quick little lesson on that. Then it turns out Microsoft Silver Light--kinda like FLASH but purely the better choice 'cause it's from Microsoft--uses XAML which I'm guessing has something to do with XML.

It's kind of annoying. I'm already trying to learn C++ on my own as well. Luckly, all these languages have some things in common and so it's not like learning a completly new one. Hmm... I wonder if I can put some JavaScript in this post... Let's find out.

Well that failed. It appears that I can't write JavaScript here or I just wrote it wrong and it won't show up, oh well.

But anyhow, I'm trying to get the picures to pop up on the slideshow the right way.

In other news, I and a few of the other IT interns are trying to fix a fellow inter's (Stephanie's) computer. It seems to be doing ok now. I just have to install a few things here and there but now it's just a matter of the specific programs I want to install being annoying and not installing. YOU WILL INSTALL YOU DARN PROGRAMS, MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!

...Ok well that's it. I'm done, happy 4th, bye.

--David McKee--
...Or you can ruin the fun of it and scroll down to the bottom and just read the above name.

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