Friday, July 10, 2009


It has been a busy week for me and I am glad that the weekend is near.

On Tuesday I attended a senate hearing regarding the CLASS Act. CLASS Act is a bill that is supposed to provide people with disabilities long term care options that do not involve being put into a nursing home. It would operate similarly to social security and Medicaid. A percentage of your pay check would be deducted into a pool of money which you could use to provide long term care services if the need arises.

The general opposition of this bill seems to revolve around the programs ability to sustain itself or be solvent without additional tax money. The numbers that the proponents were using were calculated to 20 years. The opposition argued that the program would go insolvent after the 20 years. Through measures are in the bill to adjust the financial aspects of the bill another argument was that a law would be passed to prevent that from happening. In the end the proponents decided to scrap the numbers they had.

There several events that I am attending in the next few days. I will be at the National Portrait Gallery on Saturday. I will also be attending the Omnibus Election Reform Act and EAC's Accessible Voting Technology Initiative hearings on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Have at good week end.

Chad Carson

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