Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Weekend in DC by Bob

Wow, one more week of internship then it’s over! I’ve learned a lot of new things this week and the past week. Last week, I went to the TARGET center at the USDA building to check out their new assistive technology that is being developed and will be on the market soon. Some of the new technology I saw over there is truly AMAZING! They developed new software where you can speak to the computer and have them do things while you don’t need a keyboard or a mouse. The guy, who demonstrated it to me, spoke to a device that’s wirelessly connected to the computer, and the computer would do exactly what he said to the device. For example, when he said open Microsoft Word, it opened up. Then he said type, and then Word was ready to type. As soon as he started talking, Microsoft Word started typing whatever he was saying! It was so amazing seeing how the computer can pick up the words he’s saying and type it correctly or even choose the correct word. I thought there would be some mistakes because there are some words that sounds very similar, for example there, their, and they’re sound almost the same and the computer could mistake it as a different word but I was very impressed how the computer was dead accurate. There are so many new assistive technologies that are almost ready to be launched at the TARGET center and I believe that this will benefit a lot of people who cannot use computers that well, and I’m proud to say that I’m very impressed with the new assistive technologies.

On the way to the USDA building from the DHS building, where I work. I actually got to see President Obama! I was walking along Independence Avenue toward the USDA building, bunch of police cars and cops blocked the roads and sidewalks and I’m thinking oh great another shooting at some museum or some sort. But I was happy to be mistaken, I got to see Obama’s motorcade go rushing down Independence Avenue with a bunch of black SUV’s and a truck with big guns mounted on top. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black limo surrounded with big black SUV’s, I looked hard into the window of the black limo and there he was, President Obama with his wife. It was pretty cool seeing him going down the avenue with a bunch of black cars and big weapons around him. It’s something you don’t see everyday. OK maybe for the locals around here it’s normal, but I don’t live in this area and it was very amazing seeing that since I probably won’t see this again in my lifetime.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, that’s when I will be going to Richmond, Virginia which is like two hours south of the District. I’m going to Richmond to get a taste of what Kings Dominion has to offer. It also will be my first time in Richmond, so I will actually get to see the capital of Virginia and not only that also what used to be the capital of the Confederate States of America.

Well I better start packing now; my friend will be picking me up at the metro station soon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! It’s our last weekend in the District before we go home so enjoy it as much as you can!


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