Monday, July 27, 2009

James James James Dietz

I don’t have much to say this time around. Work is work. The internship is winding down and I’m a little burnt out. Time off becomes remarkably valuable when you’ve a full work week. Working everyday is a blessing and a curse – it’s long and occasionally tedious but it gives me something to focus on, putting my mind to work on something besides worrying. Last week’s AAPD events were worthwhile. I want to say something about how meaningful and important this summer has been to me, but I already have and there’s not much to add on that front. I really wish I had more to write if only to be more interesting and use it as a device to get to know readers better through shared experiences. Lots has been going on this summer in my head. We’re all traveling through life alone whether we like it or not. Friends can cushion things sometimes but in the end we have to deal with everything by ourselves. I know that I don’t learn the full weight of something until I find myself the business end of whatever it is which is about to hit me. I’ve never had a ton of friends, but my family and those around me are usually willing to convince me that everything’s alright. How we all deal with life – whether it’s someone grabbing you to turn you in the direction they think you want to go or having your attempt at success be crushed by a rainstorm or something equally uncontrollable really defines us as a person. Some people are better at finding quick social acceptance and it’s hard not to envy them because in my mind they have an easier time dealing with life (I’m also realizing that life is about you’re being a likeable person; if no one likes you enough to appreciate what you do, you are essentially worthless). Of course people are the least predictable part of life, and building your life around others can’t be safe or pleasant all the time. This weekend was fun – events, free dinner and the repair of my laptop. Almost time to go home and then school.


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