Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 Things I Love About My Roommate

  1. She's shown me the ropes around DC and introduced me to her friends. We all know I'm not native to DC and prone to git lost easy.
  2. She's shared and brought a lot of her household items to our pad so that we didnt have to start from scratch and added her keepsakes to make it more homey.
  3. She knows how to cook! We all know the way to my heart is through my stomach.
  4. Her family has welcomed me into their household on more than one occasion. It's nice to have that sense of family even away from home.
  5. She takes midnight walks with me just because... we like to explore DC and enjoy the scenery.
  6. Every now and then, she takes the time to walk with me on the way to work as we commute to the Metro in the mornings.
  7. She's one of the least selfish people I've met, always sharing what she can with me. If I need something and she has it off-hand, she doesnt hesitate to share it with me.
  8. Sweet and thoughtful are some of her innate traits; I still remember my first week in DC... I was not used to the amount of walking necessary to git around and my feet took the brunt of it. She offered and would buy me band-aids for my butchered feet.
  9. She's always been supportive of me, offering advice and seeking to help me boost my self-esteem and confidence.
  10. Did I mention she can cook? She's cooked me dinner when I've come home late even after she'd already eaten earlier. If that's not love, I dont know what is...
Happy Birthday my dear suitemate, Leah!


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