Friday, July 3, 2009

That was not in the job description

I really love my job, I really do. It can get really lonely sometimes though. I am in this very secure facility behind 2 security checks points, a full ID check, a few magnetically sealed doors and a key code access only room. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask David hale, he had to go through all that when he came to visit!!!!! With all that security, there comes great responsibility. The only issue really is the fact that I am so secure that no one can really reach me. I really cant have many office buddies because they simply cant visit me, it is to much work. I do have one coworker named john that I work with a lot, but he is going on vacation for a month. For the next month I will basically alone in that computer lab for most of the day. I really do like my job it is just that its hard to make friends at the office with it.

In other news I decided to a sporadic trip to Connecticut to visit some of my friends here. call me crazy but decided to go on a road 6 hours (that really took me like 8 or 9). I am writing this while I am in CT because I wont be a back in time to write it before the Saturday deadline. In other news I had a great lunch with my mentor PJ. It turns out that PJ lives right around the corner from where I work, imagine that. I am really glad David placed me with PJ, she is really interesting and we had great conversations. Thank you David!!!!

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