Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want to...

My birthday was last week, and it was quite special even though I wasnt in the company of my friends and family back home. My roommate offered the idea of peeping a captioned outdoor 80's movie. I liked it; I never had such an experience other than the drive-in movies I had gone to when I was younger. It was spontaneous and different, and for fun we were suppose to dress up 80's style as we sat in the grass munching on our dinners.

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by the company of several of my fellow AAPD interns. So I want to do a special shout-out to: Stephanie, Rohmteen, David, James, Leah, Bob, and Arisa. They all made it out to help me celebrate my birthday; thank you all for being there! I truly appreciated it, and thanks to Leah and David for their gifts. They both gave me chocolate gifts.

A fellow co-worker had also given me a card and gift at work. It seems he was the only one who had remembered my birthday at work. As a joke, he gave me a "Happy 21st" card. Everybody always thinks I'm younger than I look, and even my fellow interns thought I was turning 21. Unfortunately, I'm a quarter century old now!

Anyways, so I dressed up with leggings, a skirt, and legwarmers. Haha, after all I really dont have my full closet with me here in DC. I tried to bring only what was necessary, not too much of what I wanted. Most of that being work apparel! Oh well, an intern's gotta do what an intern's gotta do.

It was good times, as we peeped "The Breakfast Club." I had never seen it, so it was a first for me. I did like how it reflected and exposed people from different walks of life and how they interacted with each other. But I thought the ending was sad and impractical. While we can respect people from other cultures and walks of life, I dont think most people go out of their way to reach out to them. To stay in contact and make that effort to keep them in their social circle. I know this, because I'm one of the few that I know that aspires to do this. In high school, I never hung with the same group every day. Instead of being close to anyone, I'm friends with everyone. So while I know everyone, I guess nohbdy really knows me. The same goes for my disability; I guess I'll have to take up Stephanie's request on divulging our issues and experiences to enlighten you all. Stay tuned, my alter ego will be sure to sign in and drop some science.


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