Monday, July 27, 2009

Slaymaker - I better not get docked money. "I was busy, okay?"

Okay, I have come to the realization I am never going to accomplish all that I had planned for the summer. The time has just flown by too quickly…which is frustrating. I mean, if 2 and a half months flying by this fast, I can’t imagine how fast life must go. Anyhow, this week was a good one. With the JFA celebration, it was easy to have a good week. I was very impressed with the turn out of the event and what the award winners/speakers had to say. Hearing from Senators Leahy, Harkin, & Brownback and Secretary Duncan was a very nice thing. Also, the networking after the event was good. I met Dick Thornburgh and Ted Kennedy Jr., and connected with a few people I hope to work with on some issues. I realize though, that my last two weeks are going to be incredible hectic. I have meetings with many people and hope to make a strong sprint to the finish. I have sincerely enjoyed this internship and recommend it to anyone interested in a government.
Okay, so time for the last Slaymaker’s Sayings:
1. When networking (just like in dating), make sure to have good breath. It is always a turn off to smell bad breath, or body odor for that matter.
2. Always follow-up within 5 days. In my opinion, you don’t want to appear over eager and e-mail the same night, but you want them to still remember your encounter. Of course, this advice is discretionary depending on who you meet and the connection you made.
3. Don’t be afraid to go out on the limb. If a big name is speaking, write a note to them and try to put yourself in a position to give it to them (with a business card of course). You never know what might happen. Additionally, in the workplace, always be the “I’ll do it” guy. By doing so, you allow your co worker’s the ability to rely upon you…which they will remember the next time something comes around.
Thank you to all the faithful readers of the brilliant lessons I have learned and shared with you.

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