Friday, July 10, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane by Adam Dovens

My life moves really quick, I mean really fast. One minute I am here in DC next I am in Connecticut, then I am in Virginia, and then next thing you know I end up in Baltimore somewhere. I really like traveling, I like moving around. I love seeing and trying new things (a segway for example pictured above, that was a lot of fun btw). Sometimes I even surprise myself on how fast my life can change and where I physically am. I think is in part to the fact that I do things very randomly. Everything that I do is very last minute and instinctive almost. I can afford to this for sometime (especially in the summer), but then eventually all this activity catches up to me.

That's what happened this week. I crashed and I mean HARD. I got pretty sick and had to go to the friendly doctors here at GW. They said I had a virus and that I needed rest. I sorta ignored them and went to work anyway. When my boss asked me about what the doctors had said I told him. He then insisted that I go home and get rest. I felt bad so I insisted that he gave me work to do. I then did what almost anyone wants to do when you’re sick, go home. I went home and I rested and slept in. Now I am back to 100% and ready to get going again. Now I can start up my crazy life style again lol………………

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