Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flash Dashboard

I’m really excited about my work.  I’m working now on a project management dashboard in Flash, and I have a lot of creative freedom. The general guidelines are just that I have to include a speedometer, a thermometer, and a fuel gauge, like a car dashboard. It was actually my idea to use Flash, because this project puts so much emphasis on visual displays. It may not be the type of work that most of the other IT interns are doing, but it’s fun.


At first, I was worried that it was just busy work to keep me entertained and out of my supervisor’s hair, because, while my supervisor, Tom Estes, asked me to make a dashboard, he never specified where, how, and even if it would be used at all. But I like working with Flash and its programming language, Actionscript, so at the very least it would be fun busy work.


But my mentor, Michael Castillo, told me that since I have so much freedom with this project, I could actually use it to show off my computer skills and prove that I am capable for more challenging work. I am still only a rising sophomore and my resume is not as impressive as I bet those of my fellow interns’ are, so I guess I really need to use every opportunity I can to sell myself. It can’t hurt.



I’ve also been talking with Tom, and it turns out that he actually has some specific features he wants me to include, which may mean that he’s interested in more than just keeping me busy. He actually put a phone call on hold while he talked to me about his expectations for this project, which in the world of politics is a rare compliment.


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