Thursday, July 2, 2009


This week has been ridiculous, to say the very least. At work, I have been completely consumed by the CLASS Act. I have been reading and rereading the proposed legislation and taking notes, spotting questionable areas, attending meetings about the new CBO score and meetings about new updates. I can’t get away from it! I’m even DREAMING about CLASS. I can honestly say that as exciting as it is to be able to attend these meetings and be involved with CLASS, I will be so happy when it’s all over! Too much of anything is never good.

Beyond my work life, everything is still ridiculous! On Monday night my computer started screaming at me that it was basically about to blow up and die. It had a bunch of scary messages about viruses and spyware and considering that I can barely figure out Microsoft Excel, I knew this was way out of my league. Luckily, AAPD sponsors both congressional AND IT interns! So I ran up to the 3rd floor where many of the IT guys live and announced that my computer was dying. Soon, Bob, David, and James were on the case swooping away my poor computer from me so that they could save the day. Adam came later to join the cause as well.

The first question, of course, was, “What did you do!?” And after being asked by everyone, I am completely sick of this question! I didn’t do anything! I was just trying to watch Free Willy (in memory of MJ). It turns out that during the 4 years I’ve own my computer I should have been “protecting” it with antivirus and other IT mumbo-jumbo. The result of my lack of protection was many many many viruses and about four days of computer work (thanks again guys!).

I’m still not exactly sure what they’ve done to fix my computer, but I like the analogy Dave used to explain the process to me. Apparently I have a house and my house is a dump. All my furniture and accessories inside of my house are nice and clean, but the walls and ceiling and floors in my house are disgusting and falling apart. So they decided to get a U-Haul truck and store all of my nice clean furniture and accessories in it while they went in and tore down all of my icky walls and floors. Then they built me new walls and floors. After that was all done, they put all my furniture back in my house.

Although, I don’t understand the process completely, I do understand that my files are the furniture, the U-Haul truck is a thumb drive, and I think the icky house is my hard drive, maybe?

Understand it or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is that I have some amazing friends that are insanely technologically inclined and super nice for taking four days to make my computer feel better. I really cannot express how grateful I am and I only hope that someday I am able to help these guys like they have helped me.

I hope everyone else had a good week and I hope you have a great 4th of July!

Stephanie Woodward

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  1. No problem Stephanie. The only thing now is that I need you Zune. I've not setup a Zune before but I'm sure it can't be too hard.

    Oh and the house is your Operating system (Windows XP) The hard drive would be like the land the house sits on because all the files and information (including your windows XP house) is sitting on the hard drive.

    I've come accross worse cases where the hard drive started getting corrupted (the land started developing sink holes) and THAT is when things are bad because then you have to go buy a new hard drive (a new piece of land)
    I'm glade I was able to help explain it. There are some cases where this explanation will not always work quite right.

    But anyhow it's all good and yeah so yeah. Bye, happy 4th.


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