Friday, July 24, 2009

PILE UP!! ARGH--David McKee--

When I say pile up, I'm refurring to all the things that are going on now. As everyone knows, we're reaching the end of the internship and I'm just now realizing that I need to do more things but now the issue is WHAT things? There are lots of events going on and on top of those, I have some projects I'm trying to finish as well. Back in Cleveland, I wasn't really doing much. I had time to just sit back and well... just do nothing or watch TV. But here, it's a different story; always on the go, always on the move. It's kind of cool and makes me feel important. ... Yeah, I know that sounds kinda snobbish to say but I just mean that it feels like I'm doing something. Now I can't just sit down and do nothing becaus I don't feel I'm being productive. When I get back home, I may start looking fr other things I can do (like a job for starters), but while here, I'm trying to get some things done.

I'm aware that I'm a bit late on things sometimes so I'm sorry about that.

Sadly, I was unable to setup a talk on virtual environment technology and how it can help people communicate and share ideas, but there's still a couple weeks left so ya never know.

As far as work goes, I'm now trying to work on something else in Silverlight and it was ALMOST working.. until the program crashed. So it looked like I did absolutly nothing that entire day because I had nothing to show for it.... And YES I DID SAVE IT THE FILE GOT CORRUPTED!.

Well I believe that's about it fr now.

Happy [insert favorite food here] day!

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