Thursday, August 12, 2010

Work Connections

I think I said my thank yous last post, but I suppose gratitude is good for the soul.
And I have a lot to be grateful for. I must confess though that I was pretty spacey getting ready to go home. It has been so busy at work, and I had been putting all my energy into getting ready to pack and getting up ready with the coffee to help out with things at the help desk, that I have not slept well the past week. This is probably why, the last day of work, I couldn't find my purse. I double-checked everywhere I had went. Other people helped me look and told security. Even the janitors looked in the garbage. I had to tell my boss and cancel my credit cards. I was worried I wouldn't have an ID to get on the plane the next day, but remembered I had my passport that I didn't keep with my purse. People stayed late and gave me lots of sympathetic hugs and we all walked down to the parking lot together. My boss drove me home so I could get a spare key and get into the apartment. She bought me dinner and made sure I was alright. Somebody at work gave me five dollars, which I used on transportation as my bus pass lasted exactly to that morning. The next day it was good to have something like work to go to to keep my mind off worries. I did flash passes in the Help Desk, and said goodbye to all the people who have taught me so much about wireless and configuring laptops. More hugs. More goodbyes. Met the help desk supervisors two little boys and talked about our common interest in Sponge Bob Squarepants. In the afternoon two women and a little girl walked into the help desk. I was in shock because one was carrying my purse. More hugs, and after a moment of absorption, thank yous. The little girl visiting her mother had spotted it behind a chair in the upstairs conference room where we had had a goodbye party for another person and sort of me. My dad says people really like to help me, and I've got to say sometimes it takes a village to get us through life's transitions. I am grateful to AAPD and Microsoft for giving us a paid opportunity to test out our learned computer skills in a hands-on job. Also for letting me meet the people I talked and worked with who expanded the extent of my friendships. It was a stretch that last couple of days, but I loved my coworkers and admired their trust in each other. Home has its own stresses too but I think I can face them better for this experience. Hasta luego.

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