Friday, August 6, 2010

Life is a Career, A Career is Adventure

Life is a career, a career is adventure, adventure is to always improve and no matter what happens, never give up. My career growth tells no tales, the AAPD has taught me the meaning of being successful. I have reached another level, I am more experienced I aim for higher goals.

The AAPD contributed so much to helping me achieve my goals. They provided many events that helped me gain invaluable experience. I really appreciated learning from corporate leaders such as Microsoft, Google, and government leaders. Their speeches educated us on disability networking. I am now able to provide Section 508 accessibility through my technical skills. I appreciate the way leaders fought to get us disability rights. Equality helps spread goodwill and knowledge to the rest of the world. I applaud the AAPD for providing the best internship program that every student should have in their lifetime.

Most notably, I gained insight into my technical skills in .NET and SharePoint with the United States Department of Agriculture. My co-worker, my mentor taught me how to become a better programmer. There's always a solution for a programming problem, keep trying, never give up. For Microsoft SharePoint, I learned how to manage websites for other users, act as a administrator, and perform record management duties.

Not only did I improve my technical skills I increased my creativity in social networking and design. I learned more about needs assessment, how to identify a problem or spot any communication barriers that prevents me from completing the objective without mistakes. It enabled me to communicate with people more efficiently. I also managed to design logo's for the branch that were professional and accepted.

Being open to different projects allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge above all areas available. My job was more than programming. Contributing more is what makes a job exciting.

This last Intern blog post is the place to express my gratitude. My mentors advice was very valuable. One day I will become a mentor to provide assistance to others; I will be sure to give credit so you will be remembered. My boss was very patient, he always had time for me. My co-worker, you taught me how to eat healthier. In addition to everyone who helped me, I wish you continuous success.

Microsoft's generosity won't go unheard, they have funded my Internship program. It is a extraordinary, memorable gift. This experience was very special. My words alone cannot express how thankful I am. AAPD and Microsoft have my utmost respect and gratitude.

My AAPD Microsoft-IT internship the USDA has come to an end. It's only the beginning for me to contribute my work to help society connect jointly to build a healthier ever-changing world.

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