Sunday, August 1, 2010

Internship Blog for Week Ten

Wow! This has been an absolutely awesome experience with AAPD! My best memory is meeting President Obama and shaking hands with him; oh wow that was my number one most awesome experience! I enjoyed meeting different people and networking with people who have different disabilities than I; I did learn so much about other disabilities.

I wanted to say to everyone (AAPD Interns) congratulations that you are almost done with your internship and you will become an AAPD Alumni!

I was very busy last few days, working with co-workers and attending meetings on the conference call. My POC or team invited me go to the other building for the ITSO (Information Technology Services Office) quarterly all hands meeting. I did go and it was good; they had there some treats to eat, that's ALWAYS good! I was meeting some new people there, too.

I can’t believe that my internship is almost done-next week Friday is the end; time goes so fast! I have grown many ways; I learned as a professional how to look things from all perspectives. My problem solving skills did improve because I learned to ask how to troubleshooting any problem but ask last because I try myself first.

I wanted to say good luck to everyone going back to school and keep focus on your courses. Don’t forget to tell everyone that you strongly recommend any college student take advantage and participate, if possible. I strongly feel AAPD is a “must do” for any disabled person, just you need open mind and want to learn.

It is really a very awesome experience and great chance for learning, meeting professional people that have different disabilities and experience "real world".

Finally, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to AAPD. I really did learn a lot and enjoy very much. Thank you.

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