Thursday, August 5, 2010


Week Eleven
This week was amazingly was INSANE!!! I had to have all my 200+ lbs of personal items ready for shipment by Wednesday at 11:00 AM for FED EX pick up. My final project, a report from the 2700+ emails and comments from the Dairy Advisory Committee using the new Public Comment Analysis Toolkit (PCAT) was due was due on my supervisor’s Desk for review no later than Thursday afternoon. I had many people I needed to still thank for their continued assistance mentoring and providing technical and emotional support to me throughout the summer. I had to have my apartment clean and ready for move out inspection before leaving on Saturday. I had 5 lunch functions at work to attend this week. I was scheduled for 10 hours of tours scheduled with my mentors at the USDA to see the many museums and government buildings I had not yet had a chance to visit. I had to operate the lighting and special FX for Black Play Festival at Busboy’s and Poets (under the Direction of Eric Humphrey) and had to finalize a timed out story board synchronized to the sound effects. I had to fill out my Virtual Intern Program (VIP) so that I could continue my work not yet complete for the USDA AMS by Thursday so that my boss could get it submitted and signed before I left town. I had my exit interview with AAPD, and with the USDA Agriculture Marketing Service. HOW did I fit so much into one week??? I really don’t know but I’m amazed and proud of myself, and have a new feeling of confidence for all this week’s trials and tribulations and I think I am a MUCH stronger individual with an amazing new ability to juggle a very busy schedule 
Justin Patterson
Sarah Peterson
Andy Imparato
Chad Carson
David Hale
And the ENTIRE AAPD office and intern Group for all the support and assistance this summer!!!
You have made my first summer away from home SO enjoyable, fun and offered me a chance to improve myself in so many ways…THANK YOU!

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