Thursday, May 27, 2010

My First Blog of AAPD

My First Blog of AAPD:

I want to start my INTRODUCTION about myself; my name is Kevin Whetstone, and currently a student at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York for Applied Computer Technology for Associate’s degree for Networking Concentration and currently an intern of 2010 Microsoft-AAPD IT intern for United States Coast Guard, Office of Legal Program

My first blog would be about my experience being in Washington DC, I like the climate, and weather related to Washington DC, and I been in Washington DC since May 23, 2010. I met my three roommates and they are cool people, however, two of the people that I met, they are also attending to same school as me but other one attend to other school in New Jersey. I start to realize that I can work with people with disabilities because they are going through same problems in different ways but we agree we will work together as team and roommates.

Being an internship for AAPD give me a great opportunities to work with Federal Agency in Washington DC and able to work with AAPD interns of different department. Also, I am happy with AAPD to give me an opportunity to work with Federal Agency to fulfill my dream since I was little kid who have a disability who block my dream but I am happy to say that I am part of AAPD community and Washington DC.

AAPD also provide wonderful events for people with disabilities and people who internship for headquarter for AAPD, I also enjoy meeting people with disabilities and people who cared about us, and also, I met the famous people that passed the ADA: The Americans with Disabilities Act.

In conclusion, I really want to thank the AAPD for this wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting important people and networking with more people.

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